Showcases 360° Retail

'A piece of a store' – 360 degrees in Perfection!


The retail sector is subject to constant change. Expansion and growth demand newer and more innovative solutions. We offer our customer just that with the services offered by our subsidiary, IT Chain. The customer orders only 'a bit of a branch' and herewith commissions the entire process chain, which is necessary with reference to the following sub-sections within the scope of a new opening. The modularly structured service portfolio comprises:

  • 3D plan & scan services
  • Procurement and purchase services
  • Assembling services
  • Distribution and logistics services
  • Services for technicians and support services

A three-dimensional bare brickwork measurement of the building for the reopening is first prepared with the help of trained 3D-scan employees. Architectural draughtsman convert the scan data into CAD diagrams in the second step, which are provided to the customer for planning the shop layout. The acquisition and financing of the required furniture is done on the basis of this (e.g. counters, cash desks). The goods are delivered to a logistics centre of Simon Hegele. The cosmetic counters are equipped there and prepared for distribution. In the customizing center, the delivered components of a photo counter are packaged and transferred to a plug and play status and also packed such that they are fit for transport. The cash desks are pre-assembled in parallel to this process. All the components (printer, cash desk, scanner, cable harnesses, computer, EC devices, etc.) are installed and tested for their network functionality. There are technicians on site in the branches, who install all the electronic components (light, technology, network, IT) according to an electrical concept developed as per customer requirements. All the above mentioned sub-sections are delivered to and installed in the branch before the reopening. The customer gets a branch that is ready for use. This supply chain management chain was developed for many years and constantly optimised. Parallel to it, a Europe-wide logistics concept was developed in which the branches could order all the goods for materials management via an online shop. They are commissioned, packaged and dispatched on the same day in the company-owned logistics centre. But that is not all! Our 360° approach allows comprehensive support to the customer even in case of branch renovations, relocations, extensions or closures. From the return of the furniture to refurbishment right up to recycling, the customer gets everything from one source when it comes to us.

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