1920 – 1945

The early years

The company's history begins with a car and two horses in 1920, when Simon Hegele founds a furniture transportation company in his name in Karlsruhe. Over the next few years the company grows steadily. During the Second World War, the authorities requisition the entire vehicle fleet that had been built up by 1939. Company founder Simon Hegele dies in the last year of the War.

1946 – 1959

Change of generations

The haulage company Simon Hegele, which more or less existed only on paper at the end of the War, is taken over and built up again by his widow, Helene Hegele, and their children. In addition to moving furniture, Simon Hegele also delivers dairy products to shops.

1960 – 1989

Development into a highly-specialised service provider

In the early 1960s, the company begins transporting the first hightech-goods. Dieter Hegele, who had been with the company since 1964, becomes a shareholder in 1985. Shortly thereafter he is joined by Siegfried Kiefer. In the decades that follow, these two men successfully drive forward the company's strategic development. Simon Hegele is now offering highly specialised value added services tailored to its customer's own processes, thus enabling companies to focus on their relevant core skills.

1990 – 2012

Outstanding growth and expansion

The Group expands and opens new branches in, amongst other places, Erlangen, Forchheim, Duisburg, Kemnath, Berlin, Nuremberg and Frankfurt. Simon Hegele also establishes itself on the international stage, setting up branches in Istanbul (Turkey), Abingdon (UK), Chicago (USA) and Brisbane (Australia).


Change of shareholding structure and management

Mr. Dieter Hegele in concert with SH eins Beteiligungs GmbH (managed by his daughter, Sandra Hegele) is acquiring Mr. Siegfried Kiefer’s tranche of shares in the business. The new executive board of the Simon Hegele Group has consisted of Dieter Hegele (Managing Shareholder) and Jürgen Höflinger (COO).


Expansion of international business

2014, Simon Hegele enters the Asian and the Southamerican market, opening up a location in Japan and Mexico.