Success has many faces, but not all of these are purely about numbers. As a responsible partner offering forward-looking solutions, we face the challenge of considering economic, environmental and social aspects in a holistic manner. In our view, sustainability is a cross-sectional task that covers all divisions, hierarchical levels and decisions. Important key focuses of our sustainability-related activities include deeper involvement of employees, greater cooperation with our partners along the value added chain and continued development of our evaluation, steering and communication tools.

Our guidelines

We follow certain guidelines in cooperation with our business partners as well as internally:

  • Customer focus and creative will power
    Our customers determine our actions and our success.
  • Motivation and passion
    We operate dedicated, efficient and proceed performance-oriented.
  • High proficiency level
    Our demands are high; we want to continue to improve.
  • Focus and action-oriented
    We operate pragmatically, focused on the essentials.
  • Readiness to take on responsibility
    Every single person contributes to the success of our company and is equally responsible.
  • Appreciation and respect
    We express our respect towards each other through actions.
  • Openness and honesty
    We nurture, demand and promote mutual trust based open communication.
  • Team spirit
    We support each other and share our success.
  • Diversity
    We find different mindsets and cultures enriching.
  • Sustainability
    We are aware that our actions determine the future.

In addition to our guidelines, it is our code of conduct which manifests our guidelines. It defines the rules for our daily work internally as well as externally.


Given ever-increasing demand and limited natural resources, it's important that companies become aware of their ecological responsibility and constantly improve in this area. Our first step in this direction was to introduce the corporate carbon footprint and in this context to decide to control our emissions throughout the company. We are also involved in the EUROPEAN GREEN BUILDING PROGRAMME. This project illustrates that we are conscious of the fact that sustainability plays a crucial role in the planning, construction and maintenance of buildings. Buildings categorised as 'green' have a lower adverse effect on health and the environment and represent greater efficiency in the use of resources such as materials, energy and water. Another example of our extensive sustainability activities is our active participation in a project initiated by the WWF and CDP to create guidelines that show how companies are moving away from pure determination of their emissions to sustainable climate reporting.

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