Sustainability at Simon Hegele - We are tackling it!

The world has big goals. The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals are to be realised by 2030. Yet we are only at 15 percent worldwide. So we know we're only at the very beginning. But we are tackling it. Working together - for ourselves, our customers, our team and for society!

Stefan Ulrich, CEO of the Simon Hegele Group

Facing global challenges, we too want to reduce our CO2 footprint, live up to our social responsibility in our daily activities and ensure a good working environment for our employees. We have already implemented a number of measures to achieve this. But these measures are just the start, as we are pursuing the vision of making a long-term contribution to a sustainable and conscious economy together with our customers and partners - according to our motto 'More than just logistics'."

Grafik Einsparungen mit LED-Einsatz

Resource-saving lighting concept

As a logistics service provider with over 50 locations worldwide, we have a responsibility to manage our sites as ecologically as possible.

We do this, for example, by extensively converting to long-lasting and economical LED technology as well as using intelligent lighting systems and sensor control in the halls and for outdoor lighting.

For example, we were able to

  • reduce the proportion of luminous flux to 20 percent
  • reduce annual energy consumption by 68 percent in relation to the total amount spent on lighting
  • save around 3,000 tonnes of CO2 per year
Grafik Einsparungen durch Temperatursenkung

Temperature reductions in the halls and offices

By adjusting the core temperature at all locations and reducing the temperature of the hot water tanks, we are further reducing energy consumption.

This enables us to achieve

  • a reduction in consumption of over 30 percent per year
  • by lowering the temperature by an average of 2 to 3 °C
  • thereby saving well over 400 tons of CO2 emissions
Grafik Einsparungen mit alternativen Verpackungsmaterialien

Green logistics in packaging

We are also working on sustainable optimisation across the board in our operational business - for example in the area of packaging.
With our goal of reducing packaging material and lowering the proportion of plastic, we are working on switching from bubble wrap to sustainable alternatives, reducing film thickness, using recycled cardboard and switching to wet or paper adhesive tapes.

Strong figures at a glance

  • Reduction of the film material used by 20 percent
  • Reduction in waste by 25 percent through the optimisation of packaging formats
  • Use of 40 percent sustainable paper products instead of plastic adhesive tapes

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our measures are part of a greater plan - not just to make our company sustainable. They are in the context of the major goals of our time. They are summarised in the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, to which we contribute with the following focus topics.

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