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From Karlsruhe to Berlin, from Chicago to Brisbane: The Simon Hegele Group is there for its customers at over 50 locations worldwide. Simon Hegele manages customer projects along the entire value chain at logistics locations throughout Germany, as well as in France and Great Britain, Turkey, the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Australia - always at your side! And all this with maximum speed and excellent service quality. Because our logistics centers are not only close to the customer. They are also located at the hubs of this world and have the most modern warehouse technology.

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Our four largest locations at a glance

Duisburg - logistics hub of Europe on the new Silk Road

In direct proximity to the trimodal container terminals and the transhipment terminal of the China train, you will find us at the logistics area of Duisport Logport. On more than 30,000 square meters of production, storage and logistics space in Duisburg, we provide sophisticated logistics and value-added services including customs clearance. Whether you have the supply of Germany's most populous conurbation Rhine-Ruhr in mind or whether you want to go around the world with your products: In Duisburg we are ready for this.

Forchheim - Home of Healthcare Logistics

Forchheim has become the central hub for the Simon Hegele Group's healthcare business. The largest of the Forchheim sites is the LC in the Rittigfeld industrial park. On more than 50,000 square meters, complex customer projects are implemented here and services in the areas of production supply, storage, customized packaging and refurbishment are provided. From Forchheim, our highly specialized fitters also start their worldwide placements and installations of large-scale medical devices. The service and maintenance support for large-scale medical devices is also controlled from Forchheim.

Frankfurt - Next to Europe's busiest cargo airport

Simon Hegele offers highly specialized logistics solutions on 45,000 square meters in the immediate vicinity of Europe's busiest cargo airport. The location allows for the latest cut-off times - ideal conditions for your spare parts logistics. For our entire range of services, the LC Frankfurt offers state-of-the-art storage technology such as an AKL with 55,000 places. Modern automated storage technology, narrow and wide aisle racks, but also block storage areas and capacities for value-added services are sufficiently available.

Karlsruhe-North - directly on the main traffic artery A5 motorway

Are you looking for a location with optimal motorway access? Then you are in good hands at our Karlsruhe-North location. We have designed our 40,000 square meters of logistics and service space in the Hagsfeld industrial park with direct access to the main traffic arteries A5 and A8 motorways for demanding logistics customers - here you will find everything you need for outsourcing your procurement, production and spare parts logistics as well as numerous value-added services.

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