Distriparts starts with digital delivery note


published on 03/15/2023

After a three-week practical test the real operation starts now: From now on Distriparts Deutschland GmbH uses digital delivery notes. What is now starting for one customer and deliveries from Italy is to be extended to other countries from Sweden to England in the coming months due to the numerous advantages of the digital solution. Paper delivery notes will soon be a thing of the past in the spare parts logistics specialist's customer business.

This could be done more efficiently, an employee of Distriparts Deutschland GmbH believed. The idea was born. Instead of manual delivery notes and time-consuming work steps, the digital delivery note would enhance transparency and speed, reduce effort and cut error rates. The internal proposal was followed by an intensive review of the existing processes - with the aim of optimizing incoming and outgoing goods.

Optimized workflow

Barcode and scanner instead of printer and pen: "The digital delivery note means an enormous reduction in workload for the employees at our Uffenheim site," reports Alexander Husser, deputy group manager, of the unanimous feedback from the team. After all, leafing through stacks full of paper-based delivery notes is time-consuming and prone to errors. Is the pallet sorted by type? What is on the pallet? Are all items correctly indicated? The answers to these questions can now be conveniently determined via barcode and scanner and then added in the cloud. The cloud-based work makes it possible for all employees responsible for a delivery to check and process corresponding items simultaneously. As a result, digital data entry has already noticeably reduced processing time and also the error rate during the three-week test phase.

Optimized transparency

The digital delivery note not only streamlines internal processes. The customer also benefits from the changeover. They can access their delivery data at any time. Alexander Husser appreciates that the new solution also makes it much easier to track clarification cases. The customer is more than satisfied with the solution driven by Distriparts and the streamlining of processes. Not only does it provide him with the greatest possible transparency, but it also eliminates paper-based processes on the customer side, such as the creation and printing of delivery notes.

Individual technical solutions for individual processes

However, Distriparts enables more transparent and efficient processes not only with the digital delivery note. Whether it's damage notification to the customer or insight into the transport of empties: the logistics service provider already relies on specially developed and thus individual technical solutions and apps for process optimization in Uffenheim. The digital delivery note is now a new component of the company's larger digitization offensive.

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