Eye-level partnership and maximum quality for the pharmaceutical industry


published on 01/29/2024

Eye-level partnership and maximum quality for the pharmaceutical industry - joint project between Simon Hegele and Testo Industrial Service

In almost every industry, quality and safety are paramount - but especially in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. These industries play a crucial role in keeping society healthy through highly sensitive products. To ensure that this contribution is made in the best possible way, all trades from production to worldwide distribution work to the highest quality standards.

Rebuilding with a focus on quality assurance

One of the many requirements is storage in accordance with GDP standards in the cryogenic temperature range. In order to guarantee this in our logistics center in Karlsruhe, we worked with our renowned partner Testo Industrial Services to implement GDP-compliant deep-freeze storage of pharmaceutical products in a very short space of time. During the conversion work, Testo was responsible for calibrating the sensors, mapping the hall, implementing the monitoring system for the hall and freezer and qualifying all the equipment in order to comply with the specifications and enable seamless temperature monitoring.

Time factor meets excellent teamwork

Tight deadlines from the start of the project to the final validation require even closer coordination in order to achieve the best possible result for the customer. In outstanding teamwork, the experts from Testo Industrial Services and Simon Hegele therefore planned, advised and coordinated on an equal footing. The result: a punctual completion of the project and the starting signal for growth in the pharmaceutical sector for Simon Hegele!

Would you like to find out all the details about this exciting project? You can find our reference brochure on the Testo website here: https://www.testotis.de/ueber-uns/referenzen/simon-hegele#c20279

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