Simon Hegele increases transparency in the supply chain


published on 04/19/2021

Transparency is a crucial success factor in a modern, competitive supply chain. Therefore, providing our customers with targeted insights into critical processes is also an important requirement for us.

We are constantly working on optimizing our customers' transparency needs. For this purpose, the web application "Helisweb" is available as an addition to our company logistics information system "Helis". Via an appropriate access to Helisweb, our customers can get a wide range of information on their warehouse stock managed in Helis at any time and from anywhere in the world directly from their browser.

In addition, data on dispatched material call-offs, for example, for the delivery of material to production, can be called up. The processing history of these orders can be viewed from start to finish, so that it is always possible to see the current processing status. With this, we offer our customers a simple and flexible track and trace function that can be used to track each process step of the order live.

In addition, a data export function is integrated and an English version is available. Access authorizations can be specifically granted so that data viewing can be consciously controlled.

Helisweb represents a practical tool for increasing transparency in the supply chain. With the information available in it, clarifications can be accelerated or avoided. This shortens response time when coordination is needed and makes more flexible planning possible. The latest design and maintenance update for Helisweb improves the usability of the web application.

Our developers are currently working on a mobile version of Helisweb, so that required information can also be accessed while on the move. This is another important step in the direction of transparency and digitization. 

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