From Cavalry Scout to Regional Manager: Daniel Uptain

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published on 03/31/2022

Veterans are valuable members of our team at Simon Hegele Healthcare Solutions. They bring a unique skillset to the table, including a deep appreciation of the value of training and procedures, which are very important in our field of medical equipment installations. When faced with a challenge, they also understand the importance of working together as a team.

Read more about our colleague Daniel Uptain’s journey.

Can you share a little about your background in the military?

I spent six years with the United States Army as a19D Cavalry Scout. During my time, I was stationed in and deployed to various locations throughout the US, Egypt, Iraq, Korea and Kuwait.

You mentioned that your role with Simon Hegele was your first position after graduation, what drew you to Simon Hegele?

I had prior experience with HVAC systems and electronics in general. I have always been interested in technology, so this career path seemed natural and fitting for me. Since the medical imaging field can be hard to get into, I felt this was a great opportunity for me.

What can you tell us about your current position with Simon Hegele?

Currently, as Regional Manager, I lead installation operations and assist with the training processes and development of team members. I have worked in different positions over my seven years with Simon Hegele and can truly say that this company is open for transition and sees your qualifications and finds a fit for you inside the company.

Why might a Veteran consider Simon Hegele Healthcare Solutions a good fit?

There’s no denying that the transition between serving in the military and civilian life is difficult. The challenge is especially prevalent when it comes to employment opportunities. That being said, there are certain qualities and values that often go hand in hand with a military background, and those are appreciated and tapped into here at Simon Hegele.

There are a few parallels that come to mind. Due to the nature of our work, we have collaboration and camaraderie when working on a project. Your fellow team members and colleagues truly act as a support system, especially when traveling and completing a job on location. There is certainly plenty of opportunity to form impactful relationships.

There are also general values like integrity and attention to detail I have noticed as well. When operating with intricate technology, medical imaging devices for example, training is incredibly important to efficiency and accuracy. 

What piece of advice you would give to a Veteran who is trying to make the transition from the military to the corporate world?

I would maybe add a few things here. Fully utilize the Transition Assistance Program offered by the VA, conduct a self-assessment, and manage your expectations. In the military you are immediately a member of a team or squad. You can get the same sense of belonging and fulfillment in the civilian sector it often just takes a little more time. I would advise veterans to look for companies that exhibit strong values and who have opportunities for advancement. Both of these things are important in military life and both are important post-military.

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