Highly specialized transport & assembly solutions

High-tech transports with the all-round service for your medical technology

High-tech products such as MRI equipment or computer tomographs are indispensable for the everyday work of medical professionals and also help to save lives. As technically complex as the ultra-modern components are, so are the challenges faced by manufacturers in the distribution of their goods. This begins with packaging, professional loading and safe special transportation of the valuable and difficult to handle equipment. Added to this is the task of precisely instructing the customer on site in the functioning of the products so that they are immediately available for use.

Such high-tech transportation is a task for a specialist experienced in the industry: With in-depth know-how, Simon Hegele offers producers of medical equipment a comprehensive service package for distribution from the production site to the customer - from pre-installation, unpacked transportation, assembly and installation to implementation. As a full-service provider for your medical devices, we take over all tasks along the supply chain with flexible and modularly combinable services that are tailored to your needs. You benefit from this: By taking over all services, we can offer you the best performance at an attractive cost-benefit ratio.

An extract from our services for high-tech transportation

Project management

The project work for us already begins in the run-up to the rigging of your medical equipment at its new location. In doing so, we initiate all necessary steps for you: from site and construction site inspection, precise planning and coordination to room preparation and implementation, we bring your project safely to its destination.

Customized packaging solutions

Our innovative packaging concepts enable us to transport your high-quality products safely and, if possible, unwrapped. Our custom-made transport racks make this possible. In this way we combine the highest level of safety with the saving of resources and packaging material.

Transport and rigging

We develop highly specialized transport solutions for your medical equipment, such as the worldwide unique mobile cooling system for the transportation of magnetic resonance tomographs without helium loss. At the place of use, our experts provide product-specific services for the rigging - from platform construction to the use of a mobile crane.

Assembly, installation and implementation

Our installation teams are trained in electrics and mechanics and independently take over the complete assembly and installation of your medical equipment - also with tools specially developed for your devices and tailored to fit. Customers and users also receive an in-depth user introduction from our staff with industry experience.

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