Tailor-made packaging

Individual packaging logistics for your products

Choosing the right packaging - as the link between production and distribution - has an impact on the efficiency of your supply chain. That is why we optimize your packaging process individually according to technical, logistical and economic aspects. That means: We will find the best packaging for your goods to minimize packing and unpacking times while ensuring the necessary transport safety. We also procure all necessary shipping and filling packaging and control the handling of packaging materials. We find the right protection for every product, from the smallest individual item to display counters for storefronts, and draw on our many years of expertise in the field of special packaging. You can rely on our packaging management!

International and sustainable

We are also registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have the status of an official repacker. For you this means: If you are importing medical devices into the United States, we can speed up your supply chain through our pre-packaging and repackaging or set manufacturing services.

We also view packaging logistics from the perspective of sustainability. That's why we develop innovative logistics and packaging concepts for our customers, so that your goods reach their destination safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. For example, by avoiding plastic waste and placing more emphasis on cardboard packaging or, depending on the product, also on wood. These are not only better for the environment in terms of production, but can also be recycled and reused to a large extent. This also reduces the use of stretch and bubble wrap.

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Special packaging and packaging material handling

Our packaging engineers develop tailor-made packaging for your products that ensures safe transport, makes optimum use of the space in the warehouse and is sustainable. We also procure suitable shipping and filling packaging for your goods. In some of our logistics centers we even have our own carpentry workshops that produce customized wooden packaging.

Pre-packaging and repackaging

Your products need to be repacked for shipping abroad? Then we can also take care of that for you. Including all customs requirements to be considered.

Unpacked transports

For some large goods, it is advisable to transport them unwrapped. This saves time during assembly at the destination and protects the environment. Years ago, we already specialized in designing transport racks for such cases. So that your products reach their destination safely, even unwrapped.


Packaging optimization for the retail sector

Here you can see how we find and implement the optimal packaging solution for your products in everyday practice.

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