Efficient production operation

Production logistics with an optimized flow of goods

For an efficient production operation, manufacturing companies need optimized production processes and a coordination of the flow of goods that is perfectly matched to these processes. With our know-how in the field of production logistics and our cross-industry expertise in transport management and warehousing, we at Simon Hegele are in a position to pick up even the fastest rhythms of your production processes and to optimize flows of goods in a targeted manner. We know how to supply goods synchronously with ongoing operations - from your own IT ordering system as well as "ship-to-line" delivery without intermediate storage to the respective place of consumption.

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Internal transport

In the course of production, goods as well as complex machines and heavy production equipment have to be moved around the plant - from goods receipt, the warehouse, the production facilities to final assembly. In order to optimize your processes, we synchronize each of these special transports exactly with your production processes.

Production supply

We reliably supply each of your production areas with the right quantities for on-time production and take on all tasks directly related to this - including the packaging of goods, the assembly of modules and just-in-time or even just-in-sequence delivery.

Goods packaging

We carry out the last stage of your production processes, assign the individual end products to the desired categories and destinations according to their respective properties and dimensions and reliably prepare them for shipment.

Storage and order picking

At our locations throughout Germany, we take over the professional storage of your goods and ensure that they are distributed on schedule. Thanks to modern technical aids we pick your orders quickly and unerringly.

Pre- and final assembly

We see ourselves as part of your entire value chain within production. On request, our specialists assemble entire assembly lines and take over the pre- and final assembly of individual components along the entire manufacturing process. So that you can concentrate on the essentials - your core business.

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