Efficient retrieval with ecological advantage

Reverse logistics for sustainable use of resources

For companies such as manufacturers of large technical equipment or the retail trade, the sustainable use of resources is increasingly becoming the focus of their processes. After all, refurbishment, repair or recycling not only protects the environment. The comprehensive refurbishment of highly developed medical equipment or the extraction of spare parts from disused products also brings you a financial benefit. To generate this double benefit for customers, Simon Hegele has been a pioneer of sustainable reverse logistics for many years.

We take care of your backward flow of goods and the inspection, refurbishment and reuse of used materials, old equipment and valuable raw materials. With our comprehensive range of services, we understand all the logistical processes involved in the refurbishment of complex medical equipment, from dismantling to recycling. In addition, the repair of furnishings in retail outlets is in safe hands with us. We offer you the possibility to use the shop infrastructure and components as long as possible. This is also our commitment to the sustainable value chain of your company.

An extract from our reverse logistics services


We maintain your valuable and sophisticated equipment such as medical technology systems and professionally recondition them for safe use again. We are also specialized in all process steps around dismantling and recycling. Whether it's outdated shop counters or shelves from branches: For customers from the retail industry, we offer a comprehensive overhaul of the equipment - including cleaning, repair work and the testing of safety-relevant parts.


In our logistics centers we repair technical applications up to complex high-tech equipment for you. We take care of the preparation of the external appearance, the electrical overhaul and the programming. When it comes to sophisticated large-scale devices, our fitters also take over the professional installation of new partial components.

Spare parts production

If refurbishment of a product in its original form is no longer an option, this does not mean that the device is worthless. Therefore, we extract individual parts and components that can be reused.


If it is also no longer possible to obtain spare parts, we take all steps to ensure efficient dismantling and professional disposal of unusable residual materials. By obtaining recyclable materials, we make a considerable contribution to resource and cost efficiency.

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