Contract logistics

Contract logistics: What is that actually?

The term contract logistics perfectly describes what it is all about: a long-term cooperation between a company and a logistics provider, regulated by a service contract (contract). The contract terms are usually long and usually involve high volumes.

Contract logistics include not only the typical logistics processes such as storage, transshipment, picking or transport but in addition, the customer may also require complex services and individual solutions to problems.

That is why the contract logistics provider also offers additional services such as order processing or shipment tracking. In addition, the customer also receives – depending on requirements – non-logistical services such as assembly work or quality inspections. In order to be able to offer the customer the perfect logistics solution, contract logistics also requires a deep understanding of the respective customer sector – for example, healthcare, industry or retail.

When these components come together, contract logistics provides the supply of services to companies, organizations and private individuals – on many levels: every day, patients in hospitals can be examined by MRI or CT, the right spare part is available at the right time next to the production employee and customers in the retail trade can find exactly the item they have been looking for at the point of sale. All this is contract logistics – for Simon Hegele.

That distinguishes us as a contract logistics service provider

For us at Simon Hegele, a newly signed contract is more than just the start of a business relationship. Our contract logistics creates long-term connections – between customer and service provider, logistics and additional services, individuality and cost-efficiency as well as between experience and innovation.

Customer and contract service provider: We create connections

With a business relationship in the context of contract logistics, you are in safe hands with Simon Hegele and doubly so, because you are contractually well protected. Thanks to the strong bond that characterizes customer relations with us, we become partners and together we take your value chain to a new level.

Additional services and logistics: More value for our customers

We make almost everything possible for our contract logistics customers. We advise you individually which operative services from our logistics spectrum will help you to progress. But more than that, it is the additional services such as the management of your supply chain, or our digitalization or assembly service, that gives you the decisive edge.

Individuality and cost efficiency: We keep the balance

Does individuality have its price? We can reassure you that because you will receive services from us in consulting and optimization for your required processes as well as the perfectly coordinated bundling of individual service modules, Simon Hegele will fit you perfectly as your contract logistics service provider, bringing you the best of both worlds: more individuality, transparency and cost optimization.

Experience and innovation: A successful team

It's the mixture of these things that does it. Even with contract logistics. This is especially the case when experience gained from over 100 years of logistics meets a corporate culture that has firmly established innovative thinking. The result? An optimal combination of grown know-how, innovative ideas and newly developed technologies and other services.

360-degree logistics portfolio

Our services as contract logistics service provider

Procurement logistics: individual complete solutions

We help you to increase your profitability and ensure your security of supply – by optimizing all components of procurement logistics for you, from purchasing through to production.

Production logistics: smooth flow of goods

In order for your production operations to run efficiently, you need optimized manufacturing processes and a perfectly coordinated flow of goods. This is the only way to achieve optimized throughput times. Our know-how in the areas of production logistics, transport management and warehousing will help you achieve this.

Spare parts logistics: Shortest response times

A faulty or defective part can cause the operation to stall or even stop. Then it is essential to procure and deliver the appropriate spare parts as quickly as possible – 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. In most cases, we have developed logistics concepts with our partners that inform us about a possible stock shortage before it occurs. This way we can supply directly and reduce waiting times/idle times to a minimum. Supply without downtime.

Packaging logistics: Your products in focus

Choosing the right packaging affects the efficiency of your supply chain. That is why we analyze and optimize your process. Sustainability is also an essential part of our services in the area of "Green Logistics". Take advantage of our many years of expert knowledge in the field of special packaging and leave your packaging management to us!

High-tech transports: all-round service for medical technology

In clinics and hospitals, high-quality technology such as MRI machines and computer tomography systems help to provide medical care and save lives every day. We stand by your side and ensure that the high-quality freight reaches its destination safely and on time, so that it can be deployed there as quickly as possible.

Global air freight: Supply Chain Security Management

Globally active companies place the highest value on security in the international supply chain. As your logistics service provider and Regulated Agent (RegB), we are your central link between shippers and airlines.

Value Added Services: That certain extra

If you want to take pole position in the competitive market place of logistics, you need an efficiently and intelligently designed value chain. This is why we at Simon Hegele always think one step ahead and offer you exactly the value-added services that suit you.

Reverse Logistics: Sustainable use of resources

Refurbishment, repair or recycling are important keywords when it comes to reverse logistics. These approaches not only benefit the environment but they also offer financial benefits to companies. As a pioneer of sustainable reverse logistics, Simon Hegele is the right partner to generate this double benefit.

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