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Spare parts logistics with shortest response times

Sometimes a faulty or defective part brings the operating process to a halt and in the worst case to a complete standstill. In order to ensure smooth operation again as quickly as possible, the corresponding spare parts must be available in good time. That is why we offer you spare parts logistics tailored to your requirements. This way your customers are optimally supplied. And this for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the highest delivery reliability. The proximity to infrastructure hubs such as Europe's largest cargo airport in Frankfurt am Main allows for the latest cut-off times and fast shipment of spare parts - in Germany and around the world.

Our spare parts management includes a holistic view of your processes. On this basis, we select the appropriate procurement strategies, the subsequently optimized stocking of spare parts and their management, efficient scheduling and the permanent monitoring and optimization of the inventory. In doing so, we take into account your company- and material-specific requirements and align our processes accordingly: From quality control and extensive repackaging processes to set production.

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Order management

Process transparency is the focus for us. That means: You keep track of the current stock and status of all orders at all times, from order placement to delivery. We ensure that orders are automatically entered and efficiently processed. In doing so, we minimize high stock levels.


We operate and manage your external spare parts warehouse. This eliminates the need for you to invest in and maintain warehouses, as well as unnecessary capital commitment. In a tailor-made process, we work with you to develop a customized solution for your spare parts management, which is also easily scalable. And if things have to be done particularly quickly, we set up emergency depots for you for emergency care.

Quality control

Before shipping, we test spare parts according to defined specifications, so that they not only comply with general standards, but also meet your own high quality standards. Our specialized employees ensure that only technically perfect spare parts are delivered to your customers. This way we avoid returns and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Returns management

Our after-sales service controls your entire returns processing worldwide according to criteria defined by you - including customs clearance. Shortest response times are crucial for the satisfaction of your customers. With the connection of a repair center, we can also take over the management of all defective components for you if you wish.


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Outsourcing of spare parts logistics

Here you can see how we optimize your logistics processes with our spare parts logistics in practice and guarantee the satisfaction of your customers.

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