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Supply chain security management for your global air freight

Security in an international supply chain is crucial for all globally operating companies. This is a high demand that your logistics service provider must be able to meet as a central link between shippers and airlines. We are approved by the German Federal Aviation Authority as a Regulated Agent (RegB). This allows us to ship airfreight from companies with "known shipper" status with simplified security procedures. Depending on the nature of the goods to be shipped, we and our partners carry out all officially accepted security checks, from view control to sniffing for the detection of traces of explosives to x-ray. Your advantage: Freight does not lose its secure status even when stored through us and, moreover, does not stand in the airport security queue for long, but gets to where it is needed more quickly.

Our services as regulated agent for you

Ensuring air freight security

We protect your air freight shipments from unauthorized access and manipulation by third parties. Only specially trained personnel have access to your shipments and the warehouses concerned. Our aviation security screening staff undergo regular training and certification measures.

Air cargo checks

We carry out all officially required freight inspections. This includes cargo screening equipment and explosives trace detectors in combination with other approved screening methods. In this way we give your air freight shipments a secure status and speed up the handling at the airport considerably.

Administrative documentation

We will take care of all necessary accompanying documents for you - from Air Way Bills (AWB) to customs documents.

Professional Customs Clearance

Simon Hegele as a competent partner for your customs matters - find out more about our services in the field of customs clearance!

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