Whistleblower system

Whistleblower system (HinSchG) | Complaints procedure (LkSG)

The Simon Hegele Group is aware of its role in society and its responsibility towards business partners and employees. The company is therefore committed to clear principles with regard to value-oriented, ethical and law-abiding corporate governance, which form the framework for our business and social activities. For more information, see our Code of Conduct.

We also rely on your cooperation in addressing compliance violations!

When establishing a reporting procedure for compliance violations, we were guided by the requirements of the German Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) and the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG).

In addition to internal communication channels, our employees and third parties who have contact with the Simon Hegele Group in the course of their professional activities can report legal violations, violations of the Simon Hegele Code of Conduct and violations of human rights or environmental due diligence obligations (in accordance with the LkSG) that have been committed by Simon Hegele or in the sphere of direct or indirect suppliers of Simon Hegele. See also the Rules of Procedure for the Complaints and Reporting Office.

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Please describe the violation as specifically as possible and provide us with all the relevant facts that we need in order to clarify the matter quickly and in a targeted manner. Please also state the country and company concerned. Reports can also be submitted anonymously or confidentially.

If we have not fully met customer expectations in the provision of our services, please do not use the above form, but get in touch with your usual contact person.

Reporting human rights or compliance violations

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Providing your name or e-mail address is voluntary and is not a prerequisite for processing your report.

However, in order to facilitate further inquiries, providing an e-mail address (also possible in anonymized form) would support rapid processing.

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