Packaging logistics is an important stage in the value chain of each manufacturing company/ trader. With it, optimising the packaging that is used represents a necessary precondition for an efficient supply chain.

In the field of special packaging, Simon Hegele has built up far reaching expertise. Our experts develop packaging that is specially customised to the product, transportation route, climatic conditions and import specifications.

Even in the field of pre-packaging and set manufacturing, our customers benefit from our wide ranging services. In context with this, it is worth mentioning that we are registered by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and hold the status of an official repacker. This registration is a precondition for all companies which are involved in the manufacturing, importing and the distribution of medical products for commercial sales in the United States.

Our portfolio of services is rounded off by our expertise in the field of handling packaging. Via the procurement of packaging for shipping and filling through to optimising the packaging that is used, we develop optimised packaging solutions alongside our customers according to technical, logistic and economic considerations.

Our portfolio of services in the field of packaging logistics:

  • Special packaging
  • Pre-packaging
  • Set manufacturing
  • Handling packaging