Thanks to increasing market fluctuations, it is necessary to constantly approach the current developments with sufficient logistics concepts within production logistics.

We are a competent partner for our customers when it comes to optimising their complex flows of goods as regards production. While defining our in-house transport processes, the focus is on the respective requirements and processes of our customers. Our claim is reliable material availability and absolute adherence to schedules with minimum stocks. Whether a synchronous supply of transport orders from the customer IT system, services according to the ship-to-line principle or time critical production supply in the two-hour cycle, we can provide the just-in-time production for varied sectors thanks to perfect synergies due to our hightech expertise, the warehousing competence and in transport management. We have also logically further developed the warehousing of individual parts and extended it by the pre-assembly. For instance, we assemble, package, check and equip cash desks of large retail customers.

Our services in the field of production logistics

  • In-house transport
  • Production supply
  • Goods packaging
  • Warehouse logistics and commissioning
  • Pre-assembly and final assembly