The competitive pressure is increasing in many sectors. Intelligent solutions along the value added chain of our customers can make up the crucial difference in this competition. We have the necessary expertise to provide highest quality logistics services and additional services along the entire supply chain and thus optimise your logistics chain sustainably.

With our long years of expertise in the field of import and export processing for instance and also with the operation of open customs warehouses, we ensure that the goods of our customers are processed reliably, are temporally effective as well as in accordance with the requirements under customs law in the supply chain. An open customs warehouse expands the scope of our customers significantly, especially if the final destination of the goods is still not defined at the time of import. The option of storing the goods for an indefinite period is thus available, which can be associated with significant financial advantages for the customer. In addition, our customers profit from reliefs in case of necessary approvals, from a definitive import clearance and possible partial quantity depreciations.

Thanks to our AEO certification ('AEO type F'), the reliability in the global supply chain is certified for us at the highest level.

Our services comprise product-oriented and process-oriented value added services, which are tailored to the respective customer requirements. Hence, the following list of services must not be considered as exhaustive.

Our services in the field of value added services

  • 3D plan & scan services
  • Customs handling
  • Tool management
  • Riggings, assembly and commissioning
  • Applications
  • Configurations of software and hardware components
  • Quality checks
  • Diagnoses
  • Function tests
  • Magnet cooling
  • Handling dangerous goods
  • ESD compliant processes
  • First article inspection
  • Archive services