trans aktuell symposium at Simon Hegele in Frankfurt

In the course of a new event format, one of four symposia with recent logistics topics took place at our location in Frankfurt.
Not only top-class speakers, but also a diverse audience was invited to the logistics center in Frankfurt, in order to address the topic “Service contracts, temporary work & Co.: Transparency ”
‘Combat misuse – provide clarity’ – In 2013, the German government had communicated this claim, concerning the topics of service contracts and temporary work. Now, the grand coalition has agreed on cornerstones handling these instruments for employment flexibility. What does that mean in practice? – This question is especially interesting for organisations in contract logistics, which operate for their customers in outsourcing projects and are very much confronted with these topics. It is clear that the new game rules will not remain without consequences, but they will not question the attractiveness of that business. Rather, the trend of outsourcing is in many industries unbroken so that forwarding businesses can still profit from it.’ An extract from the trans aktuell invitation flyer.
What kind of potentials, requirements and changes unfold, has been answered by Prof. Dr. Kille (Head of the study course Business Administration University Würzburg-Schweinfurt), as well as by Thomas Röll (CEO Employers Association Forwarder & Logistics Germany (ASL), Bonn, Vice CEO Forwarder and Logistics Association Hessen/Rheinland Pfalz (SLV), Frankfurt), and by Andrea Kocsis (Vice chair and head of Department Postal Services, Forwarder & Logistics the United Services Union (Verdi), Berlin). Moreover, numerous speakers from organisations spoke about that topic.
Simon Hegele was glad to host that event and welcomed the speakers, participants and the event organiser at its location in Frankfurt. In the lunch break, the participants had the possibility to take part in a guided tour around the logistics center.